Return of the Prodigal

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The parable of the prodigal son may be one of the most familiar in the repertoire of our Teacher. Jesus speaks His truth into the heart of every person who needs Him, regardless of whether their brokenness is known to everyone and their brother or known only to the sinner and his or her Creator. Jesus’ story of a son’s foolish ways and a father’s lavish grace is a moving tale with a profound impact. But that’s not even the full story. The elder son, who wrongly thought that he had it all together and had not sinned against his father, looks with indignation upon the prodigal’s homecoming celebration. The father responds with a message for both children, and both of his children desperately need the father’s mercy. We do too. Reflect on your brokenness and confess it. rejoice in your Father’s forgiveness and receive it. Relish the celebration of the feast that’s been prepared for you and share its joy with every other prodigal you know,.