Monday Minute with Pastor Paul Kollek


People of Hope,

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the church calendar.  In the sermon, we looked at the last day and how we are to be ready and anticipating Jesus’ return. We also talked about fads, fidget spinners, pet rocks and others, but especially those fads regarding the last day that involved people and groups who have become obsessed with knowing and predicting the second coming of our Savior.  That is something that we really don’t need to know.  What we do need to know is that Jesus’ return is always imminent so that we remain awake and ready and live our lives in that blessed hope! I am very excited about the season of Advent.  It’s a busy time for all of us as we serve together, but I love it!  And that will be the sermon topic on the first Sunday of Advent– Love! Advent is also one of the easiest times of the year to invite family and friends to hear the good news. We have several opportunities with mid-week and Christmas Eve services.  We have Advent and Christmas worship schedules in the Narthex for you to put on your fridge and give to others as you encourage them to come. My Schedule this week!

  • Monday-Thursday in the office and out visiting
  • Tuesday Staff Meeting 9 am
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study 7 pm
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study 9 am

I am anxious to visit with everyone.  If you would like to set up a day or evening to get together please give me a call! Let the love we have for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ overflow to all those around! IHS, Pastor Elect Paul Kollek 989 277-3460 cell