Monday Minute with Pastor Paul Kollek

Passionate People of Hope!
I am very excited about our vision, “People Passionate about Christ”. I am also very excited by the number of responses yesterday after the worship services regarding what we are doing well, and also where we have opportunities for improvement. This is everyone’s church, everyone needs to be involved and comfortable in communicating their thoughts in a loving way so that we can be united in our shared Mission & Vision!
If you were not able to be with us yesterday Paul Looker was here and continued our sermon series on Passion. People who are passionate about Christ are people who are passionate about Word and Worship!  If you missed it I encourage everyone to take some time and listen to the message.
  • First Sunday Pot-Luck coordinator
I am looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday as we continue to reflect on our Vision. May the Lord bless you as you glorify Him in all that you do!
Pastor Paul Kollek