Monday Minute with Pastor Paul Kollek

June 10, 2019
People of Hope!
May the Lord bless each of you with showers of blessings as we begin a new week serving our Savior and one another.  While showers of blessings are always welcome, I wouldn’t mind a brief pause to these rain showers.  
We had a wonderful service yesterday, but unfortunately, we have experienced a problem recording the sermons for the last two weeks. I have someone looking into it and next week we should be able to get them back online for you to listen to if you happen to be away. Yesterday was Pentecost and the music and message focused on the World’s Best Counselor, the Holy Spirit, and His ministry which convicts us of sin and tenderly comforts us with the good news of forgiveness for Jesus’ sake. 
A reminder to our ladies that the Women’s Bible Study is meeting every week on Tuesday’s at 10 am in the Lounge.  The Women’s Guild is also holding their annual dinner for all of our ladies this Wednesday, June 12th at 5 pm at the Ponemah Lakeside Lodge.
MID-WEEK BIBLE STUDY TIME CHANGE! We will start at 6:30 pm in the Lounge.  We are studying Philippians.  
My schedule this week.
  • Monday
    • 8 am in the office & visits
  • Tuesday
    • 8 am in the office & visits
  • Wednesday
    • 8 am in the office & visits
    • 9 am LMA meeting
    • 6:30 pm BIBLE STUDY: Philippians
  • Thursday
    • 8 am in the office & visits
    • 9 am Bible Study
  • Friday & Saturday OFF
  • Sunday
    • 8:15 & 10:45 Worship
    • 9:30 Pastor’s Bible Study
Pastor Paul Kollek